Lacy’s Story

Lacy and her mom WendyAt the young age of 4 years old my love for junk began. My Grandmother would pick me up on weekends so we could go to garage sales. I loved to buy anything and everything at that age, and see what I could turn it into. When I was 8 years old, I decided to open a store in my house to sell the cool things I had purchased at all those garage sales. My sweet mom allowed me to take over a bedroom and set up shop. I stacked tables, created displays, priced my items, made an open & closed sign and started my very first business. I would invite my friends to my house then show them my “store” so they could “shop”.

You never know where a passion for something will take you. After graduating from Texas Tech in 2005, I spent the next ten years wLacy and Wendy orking as a Visual Coordinator and Interior Decorator full time. It was in 2006, however, that the career I was truly meant for began to blossom when my mother and I started our part-time business selling handmade items and vintage decor in craft malls. It’s grown from there into my dream business and I truly love what I do!