Find Vintage Items That Set Your Home Apart

Come to a vintage decor store in Lubbock, TX

All junk isn't bad! Here at Wild West Vintage Decor, we couldn't agree more. We've got over 4,000 square feet full of antique pieces and vintage items for you to sift through. So, if you're looking for an antique or vintage decor store in Lubbock, TX, this is the place to be.

You can find all sorts of interesting junktiques that will add charm and character to your home. We can also help you find specific items you may be looking for or pieces that complement your style. Come by our antique home decor store today to see what you can find.

Set your home apart from the rest

The best way to make your interior design stand out is with decor you can't find anywhere else. Our vintage decor store has a wide selection of items to choose from and a rewards program for our loyal customers. You never know what you might find in Wild West Vintage Decor, but we know you'll find something you like.

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